The Hippity Dippity Witch

Entitled ‘The Hippity Dippity Witch’, the story unfolds when little eight year old Jenny Connolly, skips school one day in order to avoid a spelling test that she has been dreading. And escapes through the fields to an enchanted wood called Willow Grove. Jenny is no stranger to Willow Grove or to its delightful characters such as Elsa, the wise and gracious deer, Louis Noodle, the self-important owl, Lucy and Oscar Pebble, the excitable young robins, to name but a few. Here in this magical place, Jenny can talk to the animals and delight in their world.

The story follows Jenny an eight year old girl arriving in Willow Grove, she’s shocked by what she sees. It is a scene of total devastation; the river is almost dried up causing great anguish for her droll friend Hector, the tortoise. The once majestic Ash tree is shrivelled and fading. The grounThe Hippity Dippity Witchd is burnt and there is little sign of life. Jenny discovers that her friends have all been living in terror of “the new witch” who has descended upon their once peaceful haven.

The “new witch” is difficult ten year old, Marigold Dimple, who has been sent to stay with her aunt Griselda for the summer. Marigold deceives her aunt into thinking she has passed her exams at the Academy of Magic. Marigold, however, believing school to be a complete waste of her precious time, has not successfully mastered the casting of spells. This does not deter Marigold as she angrily stomps through the woods casting spells here and there causing mayhem at every turn as each of her spells results in a different catastrophe.

Amidst all of this chaos, Jenny and Marigold’s paths collide. Each young girl is forced to question her actions and face up to her fears. There is a surprising twist in the story that readers will not expect but thoroughly enjoy.

This lovely story captures the wondrous imagination of young children. Embraced by its vivid imagery and endearing characters, readers will find themselves swept along with this magical adventure.


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