How to Manage arthritis in Dogs the Natural way.

My husband and I take our dogs on walks everywhere and they absolutely love it. One of my dogs (Bunty) is a collie cross, he is ten years old and very active. He loves jumping over things, walls, ditches you name it, there is nothing that defeats him. I tried everything to stop him from getting out on to the road but nothing worked until I put up an electric fence. Now I don’t have to worry and my dog is confined around the boundaries of my house.

One morning I called Bunty in to feed him and noticed that he was holding his front paw up and hopping along. I examined it for bruises and thorns, anything obvious but couldn’t see anything. We thought at first he might have had an infection but on other occasions when we took him for a walk he was running and there didn’t seem to be anything wrong with him. It got frustrating as he would still be limping in the evening and morning so we broke up some ibuprofen and mixed it in with his food. He seemed to have some relief for a little while but then it returned again. At that stage, I thought about taking him to the vet, but then I decided to do some research on the Internet first.

I came across this natural herb called Tumeric, humans can take it for all sorts of problems, including arthritis and it also works as an anti-inflammatory. I bought a small bottle of capsules for around five euro in Holland & Barrett and at feeding time emptied the capsule into his food. It worked within a day! I’ve been doing this ever since and I can’t believe the results, it’s absolutely fantastic, a must buy for animals with arthritic, lack of appetite and digestive problems, it covers a wide range of things.

I highly recommend this as an alternative to veterinary treatment, at least give this a try first, you’ll be amazed at the results! Bunty is a much happier dog now, and lives life to the full, thanks to this amazing herb, Tumeric.A4

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