Weekend Holiday in East Cork

Whenever I go away for a long weekend, I try to have an itinerary planned so I won’t be bored. My husband and I went to East Cork for the May Bank Holiday weekend. The weather was cold but dry and we stayed in a bed & breakfast in Midleton. There isn’t much to see in Midleton so I wouldn’t recommend it but it was pretty near to Cobh and other interesting places like Youghal.

First, it had been several years since I had been in Cobh and I had forgotten how pretty and quaint it was. Cobh is a little town overlooking one of the busiest harbours in the world. Its buildings are picturesque and colourful and the town exudes charm and authenticity. I love it. Along the promenade, there are cafes and restaurants a plenty and a little park looking out onto the sea.

We visited the Titanic Memorial Museum. The tour lasted about an hour; got to see the bunk beds where the third class passengers slept, some artefacts and also the upper-class dining and sleeping quarters. The inequality between classes on board the ship was grossly apparent and shocking. Even more intriguing was, we stumbled across a local man, Patrick Dooley, who had died on the Titanic. He had intended on taking a different boat but ended up travelling on board the tragic ship instead. His memorial headstone is located less than two miles away from where we live. This poor individual had only been 38 years old at the time of the disaster.

Another place worth mentioning is Spike Island. You can travel there by ferry; the journey only lasts fifteen minutes and it costs eighteen euro, this includes the tour of the fort when you get there. The history of Spike Island is very interesting and there is a lot to see. There’s the prison where prisoners were kept in solitary confinement, a museum, a military camp, and a restaurant to quench the thirst after walking around the island. There is also a village, cemetery and a tour guide will give an insight into life as it was back then. Spike Island prison was only last used in 2004. It is both atmospheric and haunting. One can almost feel the depth of despair within its stone walls. I wouldn’t like to be there at night!

Fota Island is also a must see. This park is large and open with plenty space for the animals. The only thing I didn’t see were elephants. One can stroll around the park within an hour and a half. It costs sixteen euro to go in but it is enjoyable and all the animals are close to each other so there isn’t a lot of walking involved. Kids also get to feed the many breeds of ducks by giving fifty cents for bird pellets and tossing them on the ground. Some ducks are so friendly they’d literally eat out of your hand!

These are the highlights of East Cork. Go and check them out for yourselves. I promise you won’t be disappointed!!

The Bull That Longed To Be A Horse

Billy is a large, cream, Shirley bull who has just arrived at a new farm. He doesn’t like the other cows and always thinks that the grass is greener on the other side.

One day, while at the farm, he sees a magnificent, shiny black, majestic horse being led into his stable.

The horse is groomed every day, fed carrots and treated so well, Billy is green with envy and longs to get the same attention. He makes a wish and his life changes forever…Bull that wanted to be a Horse COVER4

New Children’s Book Escaping the Prince

Source: New Children’s Book Escaping the Prince

New Children’s Book Escaping the Prince

Escaping the Prince is out now in Amazon Kindle, Kobo and Barnes & Noble, selling for 3.45 as an E book and 13.95 in paperback. This book is for middle grade readers between 9 and 12. It is fiction, an adventure filled fantasy, packed with humour, romance, danger and twists and suspense aplenty.

I really enjoyed writing this book and I wish I was starting it again but as it is part of a series there’ll be plenty more action and excited anticipation to come so do join me on my writing roller coaster for Book 2.cover escaping the prince.jpg

Buttercup Hickleberry is a mischievous, devil may care, pixie from Brandydook Kingdom. Much to her astonishment and dismay, she is selected to be Prince Morgan’s bride. In fear of losing her independence, she escapes to the land of humans where adventure and terror lurk at every turn. While Buttercup battles deadly spiders and gigantic birds, amongst other things, Brandydook and all the pixies are catapulted into terrible danger and only she holds the key to its survival. Prince Morgan must find Buttercup and return her to his homeland before it’s too late.

Mink: A Duck’s Silent Killer

I keep a number of chickens and ducks and I have a name for each of them. Not only do they give me eggs but they also give me joy and amusement. My hens are all different breeds, and are very easy to manage, the ducks are a little loud sometimes, but I love watching them waddle across the field, and jumping into the water. When they’re happy, I’m happy.

I haven’t had much trouble with predators, as my dogs have kept constant vigil, and no fox has ever dared set foot on my yard. The animals roam free, they are a lot more content and live longer.

Last Monday I went out to feed my hens, as I usually do every morning, and then went to the duck coop to let my ducks out. My jaw dropped to the ground when I opened the door, two of my ducks were dead. They had blood on their feathers and the duck nearest to the door was lying down, head to one side, her neck cut. I had named her Katie, she was a silver apple yard and a pure pet. The other was a call duck, the blood had been sucked from her body which I knew for certain then, had to be by a mink. Only a creature like that could attack his victims and leave them for dead. The other ducks looked stunned, they were bloody also, but one of them (Sugar) was for the most part unharmed, except for my second call duck, Gretel. The poor thing looked very bad; she had blood on her face, on her neck, and on her feathers. She could barely stand, so I brought her into the kitchen where I could keep an eye on her and keep her warm.

At the moment, the little duck is very weak, she won’t eat and can barely walk, I’m trying to get her to drink some water and eat but there’s nothing more I can do, only hope that she gets better. If you love your animals like I do, please watch out for mink, a silent killer, by keeping poultry houses secure and if necessary setting traps. These creatures are cunning and lethal, they can harm humans. I don’t know how this vermin got into the duck house but I sure as hell know, I won’t let it happen again.


How to Manage arthritis in Dogs the Natural way.

Source: How to Manage arthritis in Dogs the Natural way.

Shiver Me Timbers Book 2 The Hippity Dippity Witch

Hi folks, this is just a quick note to tell you I’ve started writing the sequel to my children’s book ‘The Hippity Dippity Witch’. I’m on the fifth chapter: Jenny plays a much bigger role in this book, it will also feature some of the old favourites and some new characters as well, her little brother Fergus and of course the feisty, mischievous Marigold! I will give you an update as I go on but just to remind you of the previous book, here’s a quick clip of its image.new cover hip dip

New Free Kindle Books

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This is a short,FRONT cover - Create Space charming illustrated story for six to nine year old children, it’s about a little robin called Lucy and her wish for a brother or sister of her own.

How to get rid of scaly legs in chickens the easy way.

Did you ever look at your chickens and wonder why their legs look so hideous? When I say hideous, I mean, scaly and bumpy, protruding on their legs so much that one can’t see their yellow or grey leg. This really irritates the chicken and can stop them from laying but the good thing is, it doesn’t harm them.

This really bothered me as I couldn’t understand what was causing it, so I asked a friend who deals with chickens for a living, and he suggested a simple remedy.

“This is going to sound barbaric,” he said, “but the cheapest and most effective way of eliminating the mites that cause these scales, is to dip the chickens’ legs in diesel then apply Vaseline.”

I didn’t like the idea of dipping them in diesel, so I did some research, and it said ordinary vegetable oil would do the trick. Now, catching the buggers was harder than I thought, but once caught, they were dipped in a bucket of vegetable oil for a few seconds then my husband applied the Vaseline over their legs immediately before letting them go. (Vaseline acts as a sealant to keep in the oil)

The chickens are roaming free now and it seems the oil has paid off because I can see the scales getting smaller on their legs. This takes a little time, but it is a cheap and effective measure if one wishes to eliminate mites from causing unsightly scaly legs. I would also recommend repeating this method every few weeks, to ensure it doesn’t happen again, and also so that the chicken can live a healthy, torment free life.

I would also suggest thoroughly cleaning out their houses and disinfecting them to prevent this from happening.

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