New Children’s Book Escaping the Prince

Escaping the Prince is out now in Amazon Kindle, Kobo and Barnes & Noble, selling for 3.45 as an E book and 13.95 in paperback. This book is for middle grade readers between 9 and 12. It is fiction, an adventure filled fantasy, packed with humour, romance, danger and twists and suspense aplenty.

I really enjoyed writing this book and I wish I was starting it again but as it is part of a series there’ll be plenty more action and excited anticipation to come so do join me on my writing roller coaster for Book 2.cover escaping the prince.jpg

Buttercup Hickleberry is a mischievous, devil may care, pixie from Brandydook Kingdom. Much to her astonishment and dismay, she is selected to be Prince Morgan’s bride. In fear of losing her independence, she escapes to the land of humans where adventure and terror lurk at every turn. While Buttercup battles deadly spiders and gigantic birds, amongst other things, Brandydook and all the pixies are catapulted into terrible danger and only she holds the key to its survival. Prince Morgan must find Buttercup and return her to his homeland before it’s too late.

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