Mink: A Duck’s Silent Killer

I keep a number of chickens and ducks and I have a name for each of them. Not only do they give me eggs but they also give me joy and amusement. My hens are all different breeds, and are very easy to manage, the ducks are a little loud sometimes, but I love watching them waddle across the field, and jumping into the water. When they’re happy, I’m happy.

I haven’t had much trouble with predators, as my dogs have kept constant vigil, and no fox has ever dared set foot on my yard. The animals roam free, they are a lot more content and live longer.

Last Monday I went out to feed my hens, as I usually do every morning, and then went to the duck coop to let my ducks out. My jaw dropped to the ground when I opened the door, two of my ducks were dead. They had blood on their feathers and the duck nearest to the door was lying down, head to one side, her neck cut. I had named her Katie, she was a silver apple yard and a pure pet. The other was a call duck, the blood had been sucked from her body which I knew for certain then, had to be by a mink. Only a creature like that could attack his victims and leave them for dead. The other ducks looked stunned, they were bloody also, but one of them (Sugar) was for the most part unharmed, except for my second call duck, Gretel. The poor thing looked very bad; she had blood on her face, on her neck, and on her feathers. She could barely stand, so I brought her into the kitchen where I could keep an eye on her and keep her warm.

At the moment, the little duck is very weak, she won’t eat and can barely walk, I’m trying to get her to drink some water and eat but there’s nothing more I can do, only hope that she gets better. If you love your animals like I do, please watch out for mink, a silent killer, by keeping poultry houses secure and if necessary setting traps. These creatures are cunning and lethal, they can harm humans. I don’t know how this vermin got into the duck house but I sure as hell know, I won’t let it happen again.


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