How to get rid of scaly legs in chickens the easy way.

Did you ever look at your chickens and wonder why their legs look so hideous? When I say hideous, I mean, scaly and bumpy, protruding on their legs so much that one can’t see their yellow or grey leg. This really irritates the chicken and can stop them from laying but the good thing is, it doesn’t harm them.

This really bothered me as I couldn’t understand what was causing it, so I asked a friend who deals with chickens for a living, and he suggested a simple remedy.

“This is going to sound barbaric,” he said, “but the cheapest and most effective way of eliminating the mites that cause these scales, is to dip the chickens’ legs in diesel then apply Vaseline.”

I didn’t like the idea of dipping them in diesel, so I did some research, and it said ordinary vegetable oil would do the trick. Now, catching the buggers was harder than I thought, but once caught, they were dipped in a bucket of vegetable oil for a few seconds then my husband applied the Vaseline over their legs immediately before letting them go. (Vaseline acts as a sealant to keep in the oil)

The chickens are roaming free now and it seems the oil has paid off because I can see the scales getting smaller on their legs. This takes a little time, but it is a cheap and effective measure if one wishes to eliminate mites from causing unsightly scaly legs. I would also recommend repeating this method every few weeks, to ensure it doesn’t happen again, and also so that the chicken can live a healthy, torment free life.

I would also suggest thoroughly cleaning out their houses and disinfecting them to prevent this from happening.


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