I never thought I could love cats until I got three of my own. When my husband and I got Kitty, our first cat, at first I was afraid that I would be allergic but I wasn’t. I was also worried about our two dogs, terrified that they would attack but the dogs soon realised that this cat was family and kept their distance.

Anyway back to my cat, Kitty was tiny when we got him, only three weeks old. He was ginger and white but mostly white. When he came out of the box that he was in, he hissed at my husband. He was petrified, the poor lamb. At first we kept him in the back shed, then introduced him to some milk. Later we brought him into the house, held and stroked him until he relaxed and began to trust us. Kitty would sleep on our laps, across my chest and jump from chair to chair. We were crazy about him but he was also caring, soft and gentle and loved us in return.

Little Puss, on the other hand, was wary, a little selfish and very independent. He was also bigger but very cute and he had the softest meow. When you lifted him up, he was like a cuddly bear and so tubby. He would turn upside down on his back so you could rub his belly.

Salem, the newest member to the family was very small and thin, she was a tabby cat and not much bigger than a kitten. This little cat came to me because my nephew was allergic to animals. When I first picked her up, she rubbed her face against my face, she was so friendly, I couldn’t believe it. Salem always sits on my legs even when there are other places she could sit. She is very affectionate and I love her to bits.

You might have gathered by now, I love animals. I would fill the entire place with them, if I could. I have a lot of animals and protect them like they are my family. Animals deserve our respect but most of all, our love and understanding. Treat them well and be kind.


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