Try Orgran a delicious bread for Coeliacs

076Coeliac disease refers to people who have an allergy to gluten that is; wheat, oats, barley and rye. I’ve been diagnosed with coeliac disease for over a year and a half now and while I’m getting used to the diet there are still a lot of things I miss like apple pie, profiteroles, mars bars, butter cookies, the list is endless.
Gluten free food is expensive to buy in particular bread. For several months I was buying the same bread rolls and sliced bread and decided to search for something more palatable. So I browsed the Internet and came across a bread mix called Orgran. It’s wholemeal at two pounds seventy a box and you can buy it at
For those of you who are tired of eating the same bread all the time I would definitely recommend buying Orgran. It’s delicious, easy to bake and can last an entire week.


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