Holidays in sunny Algarve

My husband and I went to the Algarve, Portugal around late September of this year. The weather was in the high twenties, deliciously warm and inviting. We flew out with Ryanair and got a shuttle transfer to our accommodation – Clube Maria Luisa located in Olhos D’Agua in Albufeira.

The apartment was basic but stylishly decorated with a swimming pool for both adults and children and the staff were friendly. The complex also had entertainment facilities to suit everyone; fuzz ball, pool table, table tennis and restaurant but it was the beach less than one hundred and fifty metres away what had attracted me most to this accommodation. Perfect golden sand that you can curl your toes into and warm gentle waves, a haven for all sun worshippers.

After a day or two winding down, we did our own bit of sightseeing and took in the town of Silves; narrow cobbled streets, cafes and little shops amidst beautiful old gothic churches and castles, then on to Lagos, another quaint town with cobbled lanes and historical museums. We drove on to Monchique; a little traditional village on the top of a mountain then lastly to Cape St Vincent to see its abundance of sheer cliffs and breathtaking vistas.  A jeep safari costing 28 euro took us on a tour of the countryside where we got a sense of the culture in the Algarve, I got to bottle feed a lamb, we were given shots of traditional Portuguese alcohol and afterwards we dined out in the open. The zoo marine was the highlight of our trip; it had rides, boat rides along a river, a big wheel, various animals including sharks and seals, divers diving from high platforms amongst many other things but the highlight was the four D cinema. My husband and I were watching a film showing polar bears sliding down a glacier when all of a sudden water burst out of the screen! I kid you not and there was a breeze blowing as well; this was just to give the four D dimension to the programme.

The resorts in the Algarve have something to offer everyone, however, I wouldn’t recommend staying in Olhos D’Agua. It was too quiet, there were hardly any shops and bars and the nightlife was poor, take some time to research the location first to ensure you are fully satisfied with plenty to see and do so you won’t be bored. Hope this is of some benefit!


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