Transporting your Dog without Getting the car Dirty

My husband and I have two gorgeous dogs we’re mad about; one is a tri-coloured border collie, goes by the name of Bobby and the other is a black and white collie mix, we call Bunty. The dogs are medium in size, full of energy and love their walks. We tend to spoil them a bit, so in the past had a habit of bringing them in our car when we wanted to go for walks. Let me tell you, bad idea!

They leave hairs everywhere. Bunty loves the water and will submerge himself whenever he gets the opportunity, needless to say the car is a mess when we return home, it stinks and there is dirt on the seats, floor etc. We tried putting back the passenger seat but that wasn’t enough; Bobby loves to lick, she can be quite affectionate and a distraction when driving. So to cut a long story short we decided that with the next car we get they wouldn’t be allowed in the car at all but we like bringing them on walks so we had a dilemma, that is until we came across a website advertising dog carriers;

We bought a dog box large enough to fit (two medium sized dogs or three small dogs) that can be attached to the toe hitch of a car.  You need a have a hitch on the car otherwise this product is not applicable to you.  The dog box is made of fibre glass and extremely durable. There are holes in the front for a vent, it is light and easy to attach and you do not have to put the dogs in the car at all; hooray a smell free car. You’re not embarrassed by dog hairs or dog smells and you can still bring your pet for walks. We have this box over a month now and have brought the dogs everywhere without any problems. The box is safe, the dogs just hop in at the back and you clasp it shut afterwards. In fact, several people have approached us enquiring about it.

The initial cost is a little expensive; works out at 350 euro including vat and delivery but it is a one off and definitely worth buying if you want to have a nice clean car. It also comes with accessories for the car hitch which need to be greased regularly to prevent threading.  You can order the dog carrier online on the website above and pay for it securely with paypal. I would definitely recommend this product.

Check out this New dog Transport carrier


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Justine
    Jan 11, 2016 @ 10:52:10

    You put your poor dogs in there?! They must be terrified to be in a dark box and not know what’s going on just so you can keep your car clean. That’s awful!! poor babies. Would you like to travel in a dark box bumping and shaking around with the car movements??
    Please don’t promote this to others. It’s in humane.


    • lorrainetobyrne
      Jan 13, 2016 @ 15:57:40

      My dogs are only in the box for a short time and the box has air vents, they have no problem going into it as it is specifically made to transport dogs. Don’t comment on something unless you know what you are talking about!


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