The Absolute Necessity of Neutering Cats

I love cats as you may have guessed from my previous post, something happened recently that urged me to write this. Tuesday evening last, I was heading to the shop when as I was crossing the junction, I spied this little kitten drag its legs feebly across the street to hide under a parked car to stop itself from being killed. He looked to be only a few weeks old. My heart went out to him, so I parked the car, ran across the street and pulled him gently out from behind the wheel then took him straight to the vet; all this took place around half past eight. The little kitten was in a bad way, he had a fractured pelvis and he had also fractured both his legs. The vet was wonderful, she did her best but in the end the kitten had to be put down, because along with the fractures, he was also blind and had worsened overnight from some considerable brain damage.

The little thing had been terrified and would most definitely have died a painful death if he hadn’t been picked up there and then. My point is this; I cannot over stress the importance of neutering animals, this kitten may have been a stray I don’t know or someone might have dropped him off, but not looking after animals properly is heartless and cruel, neutering is not too expensive and one can stop so many kittens from being needlessly killed or abandoned.

The other alternative is, if you would like to keep one litter, I would suggest leaving the kittens in the house with a litter tray so you can keep an eye on them until they are a little older to be left outside then afterwards neuter the cat. Thanks for reading!


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