Territorial Cats

I always believed that dogs were more territorial than cats until I got my new kitten. Little Engine is a tabby cat about three years old now and Kitty; ginger and white is four. Both cats are male and I am totally mad about them. I love animals so I intend to write about them quite a lot in my children’s books, anyway I digress, my sister asked if I could take her kitten Salem as her son was allergic to him, so I said yes, what’s one extra mouth, no big deal, she’ll get on great with the other two. When I brought the kitten home, the dogs sniffed around her but didn’t create any scene but when I introduced her to my two boys, pandemonium broke loose, Kitty made a beeline for the door, hackles rising, hissing and growling and Little Engine went straight for the attack. Fur went flying, I literally had to jump in between them and toss the other cat out. It took three weeks of separation and introducing them slowly for the cats to get used to one another. Salem is one of the family now but I don’t think I could get another. Has anyone experienced anything like this? Love to hear from you.


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